Miloon Kothari, the UN Commission on Human Rights’ Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, will begin his two-week field mission on Monday. He is expected to examine the status of Peru’s efforts to realize the right to adequate housing and other related rights, with particular attention to aspects of gender equality and non-discrimination.Mr. Kothari is also expected to speak with high-level national and local officials – including the Ministers of Housing and of Women and Social Development – other global agencies and representatives of civil society about their efforts to secure these rights; and identify practical solutions and best practices towards enhancing the standard of living overall.The Special Rapporteur, an architect by training, will also visit communities in Lima, Iquitos and Ica to assess housing and living conditions, with particular attention to the needs of the poor, the rights of women, children, minorities, migrants and indigenous peoples. He will also hold hearings to listen to experiences of community groups. read more