Rabat – A man opened fire on passersby with a shotgun yesterday evening in Guelmim, southern Morocco, leaving 1 dead and 11 injured, including 2 policemen.The shooter fired at people from the rooftop of his residence in the Tekna neighborhood in Guelmim.The middle-aged man, born in 1975, used to live abroad and may have mental problems, according to the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN). DGSN arrested the shooter yesterday with the help of Guelmim’s provincial police and regional intervention brigades, who fired at the shooter’s legs to stop him and seize his shotgun.The DGSN said that the shooter opened fire “for no apparent reason.” The victims are now receiving care at the local military hospital. The person who died was 27 or 28, born in 1991.An investigation is underway to determine any reason behind the shooting.Read Also: Dutch-Moroccan Rapper Dies After Shooting read more