first_imgParents’ synthetic cannabis abuse left children in home with little food and no power Stuff 5 November 2018Family First Comment: The harms of drugs – all drugs. Marijuana. Synthentic drugs….“There had been a lack of food in the house for long periods, the prepaid electricity in the home often ran out and the defendants had been using cannabis and its synthetic equivalent. The children were aware and disclosed that the majority of their household money was spent on drugs rather than on food for the family.”#DrugFree2025www.SayNopeToDope.nzA couple spent the majority of their household income on drugs, leaving their two children with little food in a home sometimes without electricity, a court was told.The man and woman, from Taranaki, have each pleaded guilty to two charges of ill treatment/neglect of a child under 18 years of age between August 2016 and June 2018.The defendants cannot be named in order to protect the victims.The neglect case came to light in June 2018 and was precipitated by an argument the man and woman had over their relationship issues and “not pot” – the common name given to synthetic cannabis.The police summary of facts outlined how the male defendant moved out of the house and days later the children left as well to stay at another address.Both children were spoken to by a specialist police interviewer on June 13 where they disclosed there had been a lack of food in the house for long periods, the prepaid electricity in the home often ran out and the defendants had been using cannabis and its synthetic equivalent.READ MORE: read more

first_imgPat the Cope Gallagher has called on the government and An Post to reverse their decision to close the Kilcar Post Office at the end of the month. It comes following last week’s decision to close the only post office in the entire Parish of Kilcar.And now, the Donegal Deputy has urged the Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh to personally intervene and save Kilcar Post Office. He said: “I am calling on Minister McHugh to use his cabinet influence for the greater good of the people of Kilcar and reverse this decision of closing the local post office.“The survival of Kilcar Post Office is key to the overall future development of the parish, as both locals and tourists depend on it along with the numerous businesses located within the community,” he added.“The original package, which is facilitating the closure of Kilcar Post Office, was agreed by and signed off on by the very government and cabinet of which Minister McHugh is a member of.“Whilst the scheme of post office closures may have been agreed with by An Post members and the present government – it certainly never had the backing of the general public or communities such as Kilcar and the various other areas which have already lost their post offices since this government has allowed this scheme of post office closures to be implemented,” Gallagher said. Deputy Gallagher said that the decision had come as a huge shock to the entire community in Kilcar.“The post office is the only one in the entire Parish with a population of around 1,740 people, notwithstanding the importance of the post office to numerous businesses in the area that depend on the post office for dispatching their goods and services.“This closure of the Kilcar Post Office by the An Post and government back scheme of closures is going to leave a devastating effect on Kilcar and similar to other closures elsewhere it is ripping the very hearts out of our rural communities.“This scheme of post office closures was introduced without any consideration for the long-term consequences for people, business or future development prospects of areas and communities,” he added.“Minister McHugh as a Cabinet Minister and a TD for Donegal has a duty of care and responsibility to intervene in this closure and ensure that Kilcar Post Office is saved for the entire Parish. “I understand that other locations for the post office can be found in the village,” Gallagher continued.“It is a matter for the government and An Post to now come together and find a solution to avoid the devastating effects of this post office closure in Kilcar.”Calls for Kilcar post office closure to be reversed was last modified: June 17th, 2019 by Shaun KeenanShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:An PostJoe McHughkilcarPat the Copelast_img read more

first_imgWherever biologists and microbiologists look, they find organisms solving problems in remarkably clever ways.Cell CalculusCells respond to surface curvature in clever ways (Science Daily). Did you know microbes act like A-students in Calculus-III class? Calc III tends to focus on problems in 3-dimensional curved surfaces. This article, based on work at the University of Pennsylvania, shows how cells respond to changing curvatures like math champs. Who taught them?Last year, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania revealed surprising insights into how cells respond to surface curvature. Specifically, they investigated how cells respond to cylindrical surfaces, which are common in biology. They found that cells change the static configurations of their shapes and internal structures.“We think of it as the cells doing calculus; the cells sense and respond to the underlying curvature,” says Kathleen Stebe of Penn’s School of Engineering and Applied Science.Now, the researchers, led by Stebe and recent engineering graduate Nathan Bade in collaboration with Randall Kamien of the School of Arts and Sciences and Richard Assoian of the Perelman School of Medicine, have published a follow up study that Stebe likens to “calc III” for cells, investigating how cells respond to more complex geometries.Sea Turtle MagnetsSea turtle hatchling in open ocean (Illustra Media, this and next photo).Evidence that Magnetic Navigation and Geomagnetic Imprinting Shape Spatial Genetic Variation in Sea Turtles (Current Biology). This open-access paper (a bit rare for this journal) continues amplifying knowledge that the Illustra film Living Waters showed: how sea turtles find their way through the trackless seas over thousands of miles. There’s enough variation in magnetic field intensity at each beach, the authors say, for the hatchlings to “imprint” on the magnetic coordinates of their native beach and find their way back years later. What they found may also help explain other animals that use geomagnetic navigation, such as the salmon shown in the Illustra film.Here, we present evidence for an additional, novel process that we call isolation by navigation, in which the navigational mechanism used by a long-distance migrant influences population structure independently of isolation by either distance or environment. Specifically, we investigated the population structure of loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta), which return to nest on their natal beaches by seeking out unique magnetic signatures along the coast—a behavior known as geomagnetic imprinting. Results reveal that spatial variation in Earth’s magnetic field strongly predicts genetic differentiation between nesting beaches, even when environmental similarities and geographic proximity are taken into account. The findings provide genetic corroboration of geomagnetic imprinting. Moreover, they provide strong evidence that geomagnetic imprinting and magnetic navigation help shape the population structure of sea turtles and perhaps numerous other long-distance migrants that return to their natal areas to reproduce.Plant SunblockHow does plant DNA avoid the ravages of UV radiation? (Science Daily). “If the ultraviolet radiation from the sun damages human DNA to cause health problems, does UV radiation also damage plant DNA? The answer is yes, but because plants can’t come in from the sun or slather on sunblock, they have a super robust DNA repair kit.” A genetic repair toolkit called nucleotide excision repair is especially robust in plants. Not only that, it responds to the day-night cycle (the diurnal circadian clock), becoming more active when needed in sunlight.Credit: University of BristolSeaweed OpalNew type of opal formed by common seaweed discovered (University of Bristol). In this example of a clever trick, the researchers at U Bristol are not exactly sure why the organism does it, but the common brown alga seaweed manufactures biological opals. Opals are known for the iridescent colors produced at different angles. The seaweed not only imitates the gemstone, it can switch it on and off. The scientists like the trick so much they want to imitate it.Such structures arise from nanosized spheres packed tightly in a regular way and are known to optics experts to reflect different colours from incoming white light into different directions. These types of structures are also seen naturally in gem stone opals, which comprise a nanostructure of tiny spheres of glass formed within hard stone deep below the earth’s surface that naturally pack together in such a way that they diffract light into different directions giving the opal it’s well-known opalescence….In a process unknown to present nanotechnology, the seaweed’s chloroplasts-containing cells (which aid photosynthesis) self-assembles the oil droplets into a regular packing. Surprisingly, these seaweeds can switch this self-assembly on and off, creating changing opals which react to the changing sunlight in tidal rockpools. Even more remarkable is how the seaweed performs the dynamic self-assembly, over a timescale of just hours, is a true mystery to the research team.Hikers on rough terrain. Licensed from Corel Professional Photos (this and next photo).Human Gaze GaitingGaze and the Control of Foot Placement When Walking in Natural Terrain (Current Biology). We don’t want to leave out people as cleverly-equipped organisms, too. This open-access paper explores how the brains, eyes, legs and feet of us upright walkers solve the problem of keeping ahead of the terrain. A hiker negotiating a rocky trail has to maintain a balance between watching her feet and looking ahead. Most of us learn to do this trick without much thought, but it is very complex. The scientists outfitted hikers with headsets that allowed measurements of where they were gazing as they walked on level ground and proceeded onto rocky terrain.Human locomotion through natural environments requires precise coordination between the biomechanics of the bipedal gait cycle and the eye movements that gather the information needed to guide foot placement. However, little is known about how the visual and locomotor systems work together to support movement through the world. We developed a system to simultaneously record gaze and full-body kinematics during locomotion over different outdoor terrains. We found that not only do walkers tune their gaze behavior to the specific information needed to traverse paths of varying complexity but that they do so while maintaining a constant temporal look-ahead window across all terrains. This strategy allows walkers to use gaze to tailor their energetically optimal preferred gait cycle to the upcoming path in order to balance between the drive to move efficiently and the need to place the feet in stable locations. Eye movements and locomotion are intimately linked in a way that reflects the integration of energetic costs, environmental uncertainty, and momentary informational demands of the locomotor task. Thus, the relationship between gaze and gait reveals the structure of the sensorimotor decisions that support successful performance in the face of the varying demands of the natural world.The research highlighted four major findings:Gaze and full-body kinematics were recorded during real-world locomotionWalkers show distinct gaze strategies appropriate for the demands of each terrainNevertheless, walkers also adopted a constant look-ahead time across all terrainsWalkers tune gaze behavior to sustain consistent locomotor strategy in all terrainsOutdoors humans. Credit: Corel Pro Photos. (Visited 424 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 So there you have it. You may not have even known about the optimizing strategy your mind and body utilize in the simple act of walking down a path. You are a wonder walking through a world of wonders. Give thanks to our Creator, and study His marvelous designs in creation.last_img read more

first_imgAcross the nation, Cooperative Extension serves our Military Service Members and their Families in many ways. One of those ways is through the 4-H Shooting Sports program.About the 4-H Shooting Sports Program The 4-H Shooting Sports program is one of the largest shooting education programs in the United States, welcoming students from ages 8 to 18 to participate.  Each discipline (air pistol, air rifle, archery, muzzleloader,  and shotgun) is taught by a National or State Certified Instructor through a period of classroom training, followed by hands on training. The 4-H Shooting Sports curriculum uses the resources of the land-grant university and the time, talent, and dedication of Cooperative Extension agents and certified 4-H leaders, instructors, and trainers who instruct 4-H members in firearms safety and marksmanship.Youth and GunsWe have seen another school shooting recently, this time in Florida. The thought that our children are being victims to gun violence feels like a nightmare, sparking concerns and questions about gun control, especially with youth. We don’t take this conversation and debate about gun control lightly as we’re facing questions about the 4-H Shooting Sports program.Here are answers to some of the questions being asked concerning youth and guns in 4-H Shooting Sports:Why does 4-H have a shooting sports program?4-H uses shooting sports to teach youth development. The discipline and self-control required for responsible firearms use helps youth develop self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, teamwork, self-esteem and sportsmanship.Hunting and Shooting are rich American traditions. Through involvement of the family (youth, teens, parents, grandparents) the 4-H Shooting Sports program helps continue this tradition.Through firearms education, the 4-H Shooing Sports program teaches youth how to safely use firearms, reducing gun accidents.Don’t shooting programs like those run by 4-H spread American’s violent gun culture?NO. There is evidence that the opposite is true. Designed to teach good self-concept and character, the 4-H shooting sports program promotes the highest standards of safety and ethical behavior.Isn’t easy access to firearms one reason for the violent behavior we’ve seen in Columbine and other school shootings?Access is NOT the issue. A responsible gun owner will store a firearm in the safe and secure environment of his or her home where they are inaccessible to unauthorized users.Isn’t hunting inhumane and unnecessary in modern life?There are four primary values that arise from hunting: social, economic, ecological and historical.Societal. A valued part of our American heritage, hunting is a viable and healthy food source. Promoting good sportsmanship and ethics, hunting is a common family activity, providing good mental/physical exercise.Economic.  Each year, hunters spend millions of dollars (much of which goes directly into wildlife management) to pursue the sport. The economic loss of human life and property damage that may result from road kills and crop depredation is minimized by hunting.Ecological. Hunting is a vital wildlife management tool. Hunters’ dollars support wildlife habitat projects in every state in the USA. Hunting improves the health of natural wildlife populations and contributes to the conservation of our natural resources. A well-placed shot by a skilled marksman is a more humane cause of death than natural causes experienced by wildlife.Historical. Hunting was a necessary method of obtaining food and clothing by our forefathers. The act of hunting and utilizing game animals, in similar ways, helps us to appreciate the demands and sacrifices that our ancestors faced in the historical development of modern civilization.To learn more about the 4-H Shooting Sports program and questions related to youth and guns, check out this website and this informational brochure titled Point Kids in the Right Direction.last_img read more

first_imgRead Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. “I won’t be someone who scores and will just be quiet, if you can say ‘yehey’ at the very least then, go for it and we’re not a team known for holding back.”Cheng, who’s in her first game as the Lady Spikers’ captain, not only dictated the emotion of her team but also led their offense with 13 points to get the win in their first game of the season.And as the team’s leader, Cheng said she had to inject some spark in her team and become the starting point of emotions.“There should be someone out there to initiate, be the spark, and when that happens everyone will follow,” said Cheng.“So whenever I score a point, I will shout ‘yehey’ or something like that. We have to do that because when there’s no one doing that then who’ll lead my teammates?”ADVERTISEMENT Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netMANILA, Philippines—Any matchup between Ateneo and De La Salle in the UAAP is always sure to turn the intensity and ante up a notch.What started out as a rivalry in basketball, the rivalry has also spilled to other sports none more so than volleyball with the Lady Eagles and the Lady Spikers meeting in the title round for six straight years from 2012 to 2017.ADVERTISEMENT US judge bars Trump’s health insurance rule for immigrants ‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woes Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town LATEST STORIES Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparc Grace Poe files bill to protect govt teachers from malicious accusations PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Ateneo may have failed to enter the title round in 2018, but the matchup between the Lady Eagles and La Salle always bring out a few memories here and there and that was what happened when the two teams met Sunday at Mall of Asia Arena.Defending champion De La Salle trumped the Lady Eagles in four sets, 25-14, 25-17, 16-25, 25-19, and Desiree Cheng had herself a moment in the second set when she taunted Kat Tolentino after an emphatic block.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesCheng said she just celebrated her denial that gave the Lady Spikers a 22-16 lead at that point, and that she’s never a cocky player whatsoever.“It’s Ateneo-La Salle so there’s always a rivalry even if people say there isn’t,” said Cheng in Filipino. “It’s hard to get points so before the start of the game I told my self ‘I will celebrate every point we get.’” View comments ‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woes Adamson not a ‘deadbeat’ team, says coach Air Padda MOST READ Private companies step in to help SEA Games hostinglast_img read more

first_imgThe team is unloading vacuums and a handful of other electronics. The group is learning the process of fabric and textile recycling, much of which aids developing countries.[photos: Chihiro Saito & text: Jon Pyle] March 28, 2012Recycling is a integral part of life at Arcosanti.During each workshop, the workshop participants take a fieldtrip to SEDONA RECYCLES. This is our local gathering place to recycle plastics, aluminum, glass, electronics and many other materials, take a look at their website atSedona Recyles staff member Alex explains the value of clear plastic type 1 for reuse and resale.last_img read more

first_img State Rep. Jack O’Malley, of Lake Ann, will meet with area residents during scheduled office hours later this month.“I want to make sure residents in all four of the counties in my district have their voices heard,” O’Malley said. “I encourage everyone to attend and share the issues that matter most to you!”This month, Rep. O’Malley will be splitting the office hours between himself and his legislative director, John Wells.Rep. O’Malley will be available on Friday, March 22 at the following times and locations:10 to 11 a.m. at the Leelanau County Government Center, 8527 E Government Center Drive in Suttons Bay; and12 to 1 p.m. at the Benzonia Township Offices, 1020 Michigan Ave. in Benzonia.John Wells will be available that same day at the following times and locations:10 to 11 a.m. at Manistee City Hall, 70 Maple St. in Manistee; and12 to 1 p.m. at Ludington City Hall, 400 S Harrison St. in Ludington.No appointments are necessary. Those who are unable to attend at the scheduled times but would like an opportunity to talk with Rep. O’Malley may call his office at (517) 373-0825 or email him at [email protected]### 13Mar O’Malley announces March in-district office hours Categories: O’Malley Newslast_img read more