first_imgDon’t be alarmed, Pornhub users, but your favorite streaming video site was breached by hackers this past week. Your friends and co-workers aren’t going to find out about your furry fetish, though.Normally when you head about a high-profile website being hacked it’s all doom and gloom. Think about the massive Ashley Madison breach that exposed private details on the site’s adulterous human users and their ridiculously bogus chatbot mistresses. Or, you know, the last time Pornhub was hacked. That’s not what happened to Pornhub, thankfully.No, this was something that Pornhub wanted to happen. See, Pornhub has always been big on penetration testing, and not in the sense that they’re keen to see who can put what into whichever opening.Pornhub was under attack by a team of security researchers and their ultimate goal was to help the company tighten up its defenses. That’s because back in May they started offering very generous paydays for anyone who discovered an exploitable vulnerability.The experts at Evonide liked the sound of a $20,000 payday, so they started poking around Pornhub. After quickly identifying a potential weak spot in the PHP code the site runs on, they hunkered down and got to work figuring out how to exploit it. Eventually, they were able to trick Pornhub’s servers into executing code — and granting them access to the site’s database.In the wake of the successful attack, conversations were had, files were patched, and one of the world’s largest porn streaming sites became that much safer for its users to browse. That’s the power of bug bounty programs. Now if we could just get more mainstream companies to follow Pornhub’s lead…last_img read more