first_imgTalk lately surrounding digital music sales has focused on when the big players are going to introduce a cloud-based service for backups, syncing, and media streaming.Google is thought to be in the final stages of testing a digital music cloud service internally, but music publishers are thought to be holding them up because they just don’t know how to deal with and license music sold and offered through an access-anywhere online hub.iTunes, currently the dominant digital music store, has also yet to introduce some form of online music service. But The Music Void believes it may arrive next month as part of a MobileMe relaunch.At the moment MobileMe consists of a bunch of features allowing you to keep your mail, contacts, and calendar information in the cloud and synced across your devices. It costs $99 per year for a single user, or $149 for a Family Pack. Come April it is thought Apple will update the service to include a new feature called Music Locker. It will cost an extra $20 per year for the individual user and allow any music purchased through iTunes to be stored and synced in the cloud through MobileMe. That also means the potential for streamed music to your mobile devices. The Family Pack currently offers 20GB of combined storage for e-mail and files, so we may also see a combined music storage facility, but costing more than the $20 individual subscribers pay.The one aspect of Music Locker that could stall its introduction is music licensing once again. It is thought Warner has already signed a deal to allow it to be introduced, and therefore Apple is using this to push the other music publishers to get on board. Unless all sign up it would be a bit of a nightmare to launch as the Music Locker could only be used for some of the music on iTunes.With it being the final week of March we don’t have long to wait to see if Apple has managed to get everyone on board for an April release. If it can, it will be a very welcome new feature that could help iTunes reaffirm itself as THE online digital music provider.Read more at The Music Void, via 9to5 Maclast_img read more