first_imgRe: “Union takes protest to steps of City Hall” (Dec. 14): It is going to be very interesting to see how our mayor handles all these upcoming labor contract renewals. Since ex-Mayor James Hahn basically gave away the store to the Department of Water and Power trying to curry union votes for re-election, every other union head now wants the same deal. Even though L.A. politicians will never be regarded as the sharpest knives in the drawer, you would think that watching screwballs like Gray Davis and Hahn send the state and city into the red for a few thousand votes – while angering millions in a failed attempt to stay in office – would sink in. Mayor, offer fair increases for the unions. Your job, the one you were elected to, is to improve the city. Otherwise you, like Hahn, will be a one-term bungler. – George Timko West Hills AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORERose Parade grand marshal Rita Moreno talks New Year’s Day outfit and ‘West Side Story’ remake Underground economy Re: “L.A.’s underground cash” (Dec. 14): City officials should not be surprised that L.A. has an underground economy, since it is they who created it. There are six day labor centers funded by the city of Los Angeles at a yearly expense of more than $1 million. These centers have a “don’t ask – don’t tell” policy. Neither contractors nor day laborers pay taxes, making it easy for them to cheat and break the law for profit. These centers are also havens for deadbeat dads. I asked one nonimmigrant U.S. citizen why he didn’t get a regular steady job. He told me that his wages were being garnished for child support – and since he didn’t have to report his earnings by working at the city’s day labor center, he could keep everything he earned. – Hal Netkin North Hollywood Can’t see the signals Re: “Car, bus collide in Orange Line crash” (Dec. 14): Just how many collision accidents and deaths is it going to take to get the city to open its eyes? The new-style traffic lights are just not working and have some major flaws. At a distance, you can’t see the green until you’re in the intersection, but once in the intersection, you can’t see if it has turned red. If not for the older traffic lights remaining at these intersections, you wouldn’t know whether to stop or go. Just how many Orange Line bus accidents is it going to take before someone realizes it’s not only the color of these buses that is the problem, it’s also that you can’t see the lights that tell you it’s safe to go or not until it’s too late. It’s no longer safe to drive on the city streets, and the city is responsible for this. – Debbie Garces Reseda Different red lights Re: “Car, bus collide in Orange Line crash” (Dec. 14): It is possible that some drivers do not understand that a right-turn red arrow is not the same as a red signal light. Since one can make a right turn on a red signal after stopping and determining that it is safe to turn right, some drivers may assume that a red right turn arrow allows the same right turn when safe. Perhaps a sign above each red arrow signal stating “ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TURN ON RED ARROW” would clarify the law and help prevent accidents. I also feel that the silver buses, while beautiful, should be repainted. Keeping the basic silver, but adding bright orange, would make the buses more visible. – Charlotte Gussin-Root Tarzana Lights, horns, action Re: “Car, bus collide in Orange Line crash” (Dec. 14): I think that if an amber bar light like the ones they use for tow trucks were installed on the buses and an air horn, like trains use, would get the attention of those idiot drivers that aren’t paying attention that a bus is coming. I also suggested that instead of the bus drivers just slowing down to 10 mph at intersections that they should come to a complete stop just to make sure that it is clear for them to proceed. Putting up more lights and signs is just waste of time and effort. There have been seven accidents so far. How many more do there need to be before the Metropolitan Transportation Authority wakes up? Something needs to be done before someone gets killed. – Carl Copelof Sylmar On a charitable note Re: “Bush takes blame for prewar miscues” (Dec. 15): When Bush says, “I’d do it again!” he admits that none of the disproved (WMD, etc.) “justifications” were his real reason. Otherwise he still disregards the facts given to him by: Richard Clarke, Gen. Shinseki, numerous CIA agents, German intelligence (“Curveball”), French intelligence (pre 9-11, showing that Iraq was not seeking to acquire yellow cake uranium), Joe Wilson’s report and that the “evil” complained of was pre-Desert Storm. The most charitable assessment of Bush’s latest infomercial sale is that he lied about being against “nation-building.” – Bill Pratt Northridge Pure fiction Re: “Syriana is just a movie” (Their Opinions, Dec. 14): After seeing the movie, I was frightened by the possibility that the story it told could be the way things really were. But with a little thought, I realized how foolish I was. To pull off such an international scheme with all the players from the CIA, the oil companies, the Arabs, etc., it would require some real organization and brain power. There’s the hitch. This administration? Their inability to get anything accomplished that requires those traits makes such a conspiracy practically impossible. I’d say, try again. A better film could be made about stupidity and ineptitude, particularly internationally, being our country’s biggest problem. – George J. Kramer Northridge Divided loyalties When my grandparents came to this country and became citizens, they gave their complete allegiance to the United States. They knew that a citizen cannot be loyal to two countries without compromising one. We now have an elected official, the governor, who has divided loyalties. He is a citizen of the United States and Austria. Because Schwarzenegger upheld the law of California and a prisoner was executed, Austria is angry and threatening him with the loss of his Austrian citizenship and a removal of his name from a stadium or monument of some sort. I say to Arnold and all dual citizens, choose which country you will serve. And to the legislators of the United States, both in the House and Senate, rescind the law of dual citizenship. – Carol Milton Woodland Hills Pryor’s legacy? Re: “Comic Pryor prevailed against all life’s odds” (Their Opinions, Dec. 13): OK, Richard Pryor was a funny guy. Multiple sclerosis is a terrible disease. Rest in peace. But this excessive wailing and deifying of the man is way over the top. Much is made of his “legacy.” What legacy? He broke barriers long ago tumbled by Redd Foxx. Pryor left us with a bitter hatred of one race for another. Whatever racial harmony Bill Cosby and Flip Wilson built, Richard Pryor mocked. Is there a white comedian working the mainstream who is openly hostile to blacks? Hard to imagine, but if there were, and if he died, would the media get all choked up with eulogies? – Gary Brandner Northridge Help from our friends Re: “Bad analogy” (Your Opinions, Dec. 14): Chuck Heinold flippantly spouts off about the American Revolution and gets it wrong. “A little help from France” was Adm. De Grasse’s fleet, and a 10,000-man army under Count Rochambeau, heavy cannon to lay siege to Yorktown and a bankrupted royal treasury that Lewis lost his head over. Lest we forget, Gen. Von Stueben, who trained our men, Spain’s contribution of money, supplies and a Caribbean fleet keeping the British busy. Dutch banks gave liberally to the cause and Dutch warships took on the Imperial Navy. America didn’t achieve independence on her own; a coalition of the willing was there to help. – Donovan Weir Chatsworth No long goodbye Concerning the demise of Stanley Tookie Williams, most people would probably like to paraphrase a remark attributed to Bette Davis: I’ve always been told to speak good of the dead. Stanley Williams is dead. Good! – Stephen Pettine Canoga Park160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

first_imgJaclyn Stapp, children’s book author, national anti-bullying spokesperson, philanthropist and wife of the Grammy-award winning lead singer of Creed, Scott Stapp, is excited to launch the children’s foundation CHARM (Children Are Magical) whose mission aims to heighten awareness of children’s issues and provide underprivileged youth with the tools of life through education, mentoring, and community resources.CHARM officially launches this month as 501c3 non-profit organization at“The name ‘CHARM’ speaks to my heart and is part of my own personal philosophy. I believe children are magical, spirited, full of promise and can be encouraged and challenged to fulfill their dreams,” Jaclyn says. “I learned as a child, that people with a big heart and a little time could make a big difference in my life. The goal of developing CHARM is to reach out to many others with even bigger dreams, because dreams do come true as they have for me.”Jaclyn’s charity will partner with other foundations to support children and their families by providing resources to overcome many of life’s obstacles caused by neglect, abuse, lack of education, and other hardships at home.Jaclyn has also tagged on to CHARM her motto, “I AM STRENGTH” as her personal reminder of hope and encouragement to adults going through tough times. Jaclyn learned to persevere and search within herself for a beam of strength to face her own challenges. I AM STRENGTH offers a community of support and a sounding board for adults and families of all backgrounds.“Children need safe environments, healthy guardians and happy homes to thrive. The vision of ‘I AM STRENGTH’ will target needs because parents, families and children speak a universal language,” she says. “With access to the proper resources and support, folks can better handle issues while developing a purpose for creating the healthy, positive home life that every child deserves.”In the spirit of hope and fun, Jaclyn invites all fans to join her I AM STRENGTH mission with a photograph (selfie) of themselves and the words I AM STRENGTH written on their hand or any favorite part of their body. Jaclyn will share your creative photos on social media with the hashtag #I AM STRENGTH. Selfie supporters will have the opportunity to be featured on the CHARM website. With enough support from local communities and the public, Jaclyn hopes to ensure that every unsupported child in this country will one day be properly nurtured and cared for.Please support CHARM’s mission with your donation or with the purchase of the beautifully designed Masonharlie, ‘I AM STRENGTH’ ID bracelet. Visit the CHARM website at to get involved, make a donation or purchase your customized bracelet; 20% of proceeds will benefit CHARM.last_img read more

first_img Related Items:#Freeportwomankilledbypolice, #magneticmedianews, #TheresaJessicaThompson Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, April 3, 2017 – Grand Bahama – The grand-daughter of former government minister and Member of Parliament for Marco City, David Thompson was that police reservist shot to death on the weekend in Grand Bahama.  Theresa Jessica Thompson-George, 24 years old was killed at a business on Oakes Street, gunned down and it has the island shaken up.  The young woman’s father is crying out on Facebook with tributes and photos and memories and questions.   Troy Thompson said, “I feel like I will cry for years and it’s hard to even think.  I lost my baby to the increasing violence in our country.”Police have not identified a motive as yet for the shooting on Saturday April 1 around 9:30pm which adds to the soaring murder count for The Bahamas.#MagneticMediaNews#TheresaJessicaThompson#Freeportwomankilledbypolicelast_img read more