first_imgDear Editor,I had earlier written a letter in which I pointed out a pattern that had emerged over a year or so, which shows that whenever President David Granger and Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo meet, the Pradoville issue resurfaces just after.I pointed out then that Granger and Jagdeo met on July 19th, 2018 and ‘Pradoville’ resurfaced via a Kaieteur News article on July 22nd, 2018 under the caption ‘SOCU completes Pradoville 2 file, charges ready to be laid’.The situation was quite similar following the January 3rd, 2018 meeting of the two. This time INEWS, via its January 5th 2018 article, carried under the caption ‘Sittlington to return as Mentor/Advisor to SOCU’, talked about a foreigner continuing his work to ensure that there are convictions in the cases being addressed by SOCU. Even more interesting was that the news of Sittlington’s return not only came two days after the Granger-Jagdeo meeting, but it came EIGHT MONTHS after Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan asked for him to return to SOCU.A third case was seen after the Granger-Jagdeo meeting on October 19th, 2017. After that meeting, on November 28th, 2017, there was the Kaieteur News article under the caption ‘Pradoville Two probe…Assessor moves in to value properties’.Again, we saw this pattern with the June 12th, 2017 meeting and the article that same month by the Kaieteur News under the caption ‘Suspected Pradoville ‘schemers’ closer to climbing court step’.Not surprisingly, the two met again on August 30th of 2018, and lo and behold, the Guyana Chronicle’s lead story on September 8, 2018 had a headline which screamed, “Charges to be laid soon – as SOCU about to wrap up ‘Pradoville 2’ probe”.Once again, I’ve detailed these examples to demonstrate that what we are seeing is a pattern. And with that said, the question as to whether or not moves are afoot to sabotage talks between the Government and Opposition must be asked.Secondly, is the President’s Office behind this move? Or is the Prime Minister’s Office? In my view, it seems more likely that it may be the Prime Minister’s Office. You only have to look at the big picture to see why.If the PPP and APNU engage, the AFC becomes more irrelevant. Its relevance is diminished because it is not among the political players dealing with moving political dialogue forward; the AFC has no seat at the table. If the PPP and APNU engage and reach agreement on issues, what use is the AFC serving? It has no constituency. Isn’t this reason enough to want to sabotage the Government and Opposition talks to make sure that the AFC remains somewhat relevant?Regards,Attiya Bakshlast_img read more