Common problems analysis and solutions to the Shanghai dragon [ER] to popularize the knowledge of Sh

? ? Is the best method to engage in a large number of PR PR increased

PR is a method of calculating the website weight values from Google, the PR value to a certain extent on the Google website for your score, the higher the PR that your website is welcome by Google.

2. why search engine only included me included, other pages are not included in

website Links, the higher the PR value, Google

if the site does not do any external links, not to do anything to make the search engine spiders crawling to your site means, so even live in a long time, your site will not be included in the search engine.

a website to quickly be included in search engines, the best is to establish a website external links, search engines can make the fastest time crawling to your site, which included your site.

this is Shanghai dragon ER often encounter, so when this happens, there are many kinds of reasons, we want to exclude:

do some optimization of Shanghai Longfeng friends website may have established a good line for several months, have not been search engine features, this problem is very common.

Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon ER each

1. why my website is not included in the search engine

, mirror sites, to do stand group of mirror sites, search engines only included the home page.

1, the front page of the site did not refer to other pages link. This situation usually occurs, this basically is pure FLASH website.

common problems will be faced with common problems encountered, when Shanghai Longfeng appear, how to do? How to solve the problems, this is especially important, so the net training will give you the odd Shanghai dragon summed up all the usual problems of Shanghai Longfeng share:

3., what is the role of the PR value of

4. why well-known website rankings are good

good, but their popularity has attracted a huge number of users, also attracted a large number of high quality import links.

5. server with the same IP site, if a site is punishment, other sites will be

How to improve the site of PR

we use search engine to search out the results, we can usually see some well-known Web site figure, such as "Sina" and "NetEase" and so on, a lot of popular keywords to search for these large website traces, not because of how they do /p> website optimization

? ranking will be better!

with a server, IP is the same network >

? ?In

, the web page is too small, a collection of natural low.

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