Fat man do the best forum signature

1, website keywords and domain name based forum signature.

you can see, that the increase in the chain, and add related field. But so far as fat in order to observe the forum signature effect of long tail keywords of domain name is the best.

forum signature screenshot

, how to set up the forum signature effect best? We first see the following 4 groups:

2, a domain name, the domain name of course to hyperlink, can increase the love Shanghai related domain, domain related to love Shanghai is always an important factor in the website.

4, I’ve seen this forum signature keywords most signature.

two, how to make this forum signature effect inside the chain you become one of the best. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know that the chain is not quantity but in quality, there are dozens of related and the weight of the chain high on the line. How to make the forum signature be a weapon, it is to adhere to, every day to post and reply. Please look at the picture:

3, guide the potential customers to click to bring traffic to the site. Give the user an idea is: you need to go to this website to have a look above. So this is the best effect.

2, with a long tail keywords website based.

Hello, I was fat. Forum signature Shanghai dragon Er familiar a four words, the chain is a method for obtaining the most simple, post on the line, someone pointed out that is the most effect chain Links, soft, blog, forum, paid links, and today with a discussion of the fat man is the forum signature effect how to do the best


said that you may not believe, so the first to give you my evidence:

Forum signature I love this

from two aspects to interpret all the BBS signature, a forum to how to set the best signature two, how to make this forum signature effect inside the chain you become one of the best.

1, only one, if we take the forum signature as a site title, it is not the only one, the weights are not dispersed.

in Shanghai region ranked first, is a post > WordPress Chinese Forum

3, the forum signature is very rare, but so far the best forum signature, but also by the user with spider love. Do to do marketing stood outside optimization method.

from the above we can see that the third forum sign is the best, why is it that we are from the following 3 points to explain:


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