The user experience determines the site’s ranking

user experience determines the site’s ranking and popularity, before we do is about yourself look beautiful, feel good to reflect the content we want to express it. When the love Shanghai ranking mechanism is not very strict, spell the chain ranking will go up. But in recent years due to the love Shanghai update algorithm, but also in emphasis on the user experience of the website is the most valuable website will be recognized by the user, and thus more conducive to ranking. But for such a long time there are still many owners only know the importance of user experience, but do not need to what degree is good.

user experience although it looks more theoretical, but also have rules to follow, and the webmaster friends do the purpose is to have a good website ranking, so want to have good rankings to make the site a good user experience. .

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when users come to your site, may be in order to meet their own needs, find the information they want. In the user view, the fastest and most straightforward to find what you want, it is the best website. The best site will have the highest requirements: first, you do have website users want content; two, users can quickly find the content, which requires your site layout structure clear, want to let users find content, and not for the user viscosity, deliberately do a maze of foggy.

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what kind of website can be a good user experience? What is the user feel good website is? This statement seems very general, only we stand in the user’s point of view the experience of a website, empathy, don’t really know what is the user experience.

research shows that the industry website owners will find that, in addition to a handful of black take techniques superb website, usually ranking website user experience is very good, this kind of website is rich in content, clear structure, convenient and easy user browsing. Therefore, only the user experience good site, to get the favour of search engine. For those Shanghai Dragon technology is not very proficient in the webmaster, think of ways to boost the website user experience, also can make the website more competitive.

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only to the user experience as the basic requirements, really want to improve website ranking, and more in-depth to satisfy users, allowing users to generate more demand. That is to say, let users come to your website, need only to browse a page, but he found the other page of the web site is also very good, let him browse more pages. If the site can be good for this, so the user experience is needless to say, not to mention the ranking.

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