How to grasp the pseudo original six points

. In addition to the H1 H2 H3 appears to be key, the content is also to be reasonable keywords, in both the two section, the middle section, the appropriate keyword and related links, with hyperlink words not too much, the article page is also a weight, multi link, the corresponding weight is less.

, a pseudo original content selection. We must find a target site and the theme of similar or related content, have no relevance to the content of how pseudo original is not good effect on the target site, suggest to some big portal or community forums and websites to find such a target site and related content, and then select the new. In more than 500 words, words too is false original; they can find counterparts on the website PA content. The pseudo original, anyway, to ensure the degree of correlation.

content is the core part of the website, content is king, the user experience, good content construction is the basic requirement of the site. If the content is original of course is very good, but our general webmaster, is full of the original content, is not possible, unless he is very familiar with the theme of the site industry, has a very rich professional knowledge to ordinary people, owners are not up to the requirements. So there are false original, pseudo original is a double-edged sword, well done, weight and then help the website promotion, and help to keep users, pseudo original too fake, or too, is on the contrary. Here is a summary of some of the original false note.

Insert the key four, reasonable

three, the middle of the contents. Intermediate content can replace similar words to use false original tools, suggested that the similar words is his best to organize and write, because most of the pseudo original tools are used the same thesaurus, it is best to put the words in the lexicon change, can achieve very powerful pseudo original, but not the same with others the middle of the contents, as long as the replacement of similar words can be, we not only do is to see a spider, is important for the user to read, so to keep the paragraph is neat, the statement is smooth, no fault on.

Rewrite the

five, check the punctuation. Spiders are very careful, we pseudo original, to a sentence to read, see the punctuation is not correct, there is no wrong, especially in English punctuation when switching, the details determine success or failure.

two, the front and the two paragraphs. Generally we choose articles or content, preferably more than 5 segments, this helps to rewrite the end in two, when we go to school, writing, general teachers are only look at the front and the two paragraphs, the spider is imitate human thought, so between the two is the key period of more than 80%, the best modification of two end the last two words are best in more than one hundred words, so readable.

six, according to the writing requirements check the layout. When we do the pseudo original, according to the papers or written document typesetting requirements check several times, I believe that many owners do not have to do this, is recognized as the official document writing requirements of typesetting typesetting requirements, believe the spider is also used this set.

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