More calm thinking needs impetuous Shanghai Dragon ndustry

in a sound, there are many industry colleagues on how Shanghai dragon industry? What happened? The consequences of this, who is responsible in the end? Really want to say, the era of the chain for the emperor who is responsible, can be said to love Shanghai, if not the love of Shanghai the superstitious Google algorithm, steal back, making the chain that’s everywhere, whether the network company or individual owners will be the construction of the chain as the Shanghai dragon almost all of the work, which leads to the Internet is full of all kinds of junk information and AD, during the period of many large websites and love the sea had improved ideas and measures, but have to say Chinese ability loophole is first-class, small changes in the basic stop outside the chain of garbage in the end of the determination and action . But can this strange love Shanghai? Chinese as a search engine, love Shanghai without the object of study, Chinese in accordance with the development of the Internet industry, what time can have their own Chinese search? Is waiting for Google search > Chinese fully occupied

love K station in Shanghai and attracted condemning, among many personal webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er website night back to the liberation, the survival of the jobs in jeopardy, and because the love Shanghai promotion of low threshold and no integrity (generally do the promotion of the site even if Shanghai does not comply with the love algorithm, or not basically K, of course you have seen even with the promotion of the site by K), love Shanghai had a malicious hit Shanghai dragon industry "among the accused. Shanghai love soon went astray, love Shanghai K station is now in small batches of K, many webmaster and ridiculous Shanghai dragon Er are still own although illegal but was not k that everyone knows, maybe tomorrow morning you website is back. In the criticism, Shanghai dragon industry impetuous floating on the surface, this industry, development too fast, although there are many people who helped, but Shanghai Longfeng industry itself or reflect in itself of the bad quality in Shanghai Longfeng industry, with the love of Shanghai repeatedly surfaced rectification. In the last few months, we have seen too much bitterness, too many helpless, too much abuse, too much blame, see too many unreasonable and do not repent, take another synonym shortcut: cheating, as Chinese people very love means used, too quick effect. Many people even know the risks still flock to the final result as we see, network rich overnight dreams out of rage and pain with floating hearts.

2012 will enter the final countdown, the legend of the end of the world intensified, in fact our Shanghai dragon industry, not what year dogged by bad luck this year? Updated repeatedly love Shanghai algorithm, for the special attitude of special industries, many site is down right down the right, K is K. There are many medical stations which have a lot of problems in the chain station, there are some relatively high weight of the site and some of the old ranking is good site.

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