Know these points can easily judge the Shanghai dragon keyword optimization easy difficulty

2. search engine search volume


each Shanghai dragon friends have a tough period, especially at the Institute of Shanghai Longfeng own private orders friend, when received a list, happy to eat, but then trouble again, I have no grasp of the keyword optimization to the first page? The difficulty is how to determine the optimal period?? all sorts of questions around in the heart, so that the final list did not eat, to counter blow to the pride of Cen Huiyu, then, today and share is how to determine the optimization of a keyword easy difficulty, to facilitate screening of keywords.


How to correctly use the

search engine related search results can be used as one of the factors to determine whether the amount of Shanghai dragon easy difficulty? How to judge? This number judgment is the most simple but not accurate, determine the way is to look at the amount of related results, such as "Shanghai dragon", you can see the relevant search volume has reached one hundred million. The answer, in so many.


love Shanghai index just the user search volume judgment, all is not difficult to optimize, because the index of high word search, many people do optimization is also more natural, so the competition is high, but not difficult to optimize; love Shanghai index is high, only that the key word is very popular, search volume that included a large amount for Shanghai Longfeng specialist not because the level of the index that keyword optimization is difficult, impossible to optimize up and so on, this is not professional;


for the judgment of a keyword optimization easy difficulty, the thought that most Shanghai dragon er know, but most choose keywords are blindly selected, competition, do not come up, so today in the group asked you Shanghai Longfeng friends, they usually ask how to judge a keyword optimization easy difficulty, the 3Run answered a love Shanghai index


keyword optimization difficulty index to judge love Shanghai? Love Shanghai index is focused on statistical user search keywords, so is a tool used for mining long tail keywords, can also use the love index in Shanghai do a search for the reference standard, generally speaking, love Shanghai high index, optimization of competitors will. So the difficulty is much larger, but the love of Shanghai index is just a reference, not all, but also the key index in Shanghai love related keywords, small search a [Shanghai people Electric Appliance Factory], fell in love with the sea index close to 200, as shown in figure

1. love Shanghai index

you can see a graph of user related search term correlation is not much, the long tail word is not good to come out, indicating that the user search is not fixed, and even search the long tail word is relatively small, so it can be used as one of the reference factors of competitive small.

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