Talk about how to optimize the degree of discoloration of unfavorable factors into favorable factors


sites have their own website pictures, video, and these pictures and some video is not necessary to exist, especially medical websites, website pictures and video many medical classes constitute the main page of the website, perhaps this is the true love of Shanghai uncle lattice, we in the website optimization these are not conducive to crawl the page has already formed the site was one of the factors of K, so we only simplified website source code, remove excessive impurities, here to talk about how to get rid of.

three, pseudo original original, variable collection for

to be honest, a few of the love of Shanghai K station is for some high profit industries, many high profit industries have been the site of K, in the face of this situation we must build a content page on the site, will own the high profit products industry station into product content station, through this method might help the site from the bottom to normal, then how to convert? I suggest that you can use my method, on the site at the bottom of interval, using ZBLOG to build a content page at the bottom of the blog. By this method can obtain very good website content support, we all know that the search engine spiders crawling the web page is not directly, but through the code capture, so that in the bottom of the blog content to build website search engine spiders only without the disadvantages.


two, simplified website source code, remove excessive impurity

, a website style conversion, variable product content station

2, delete the invalid picture, shorten the page request time, some of the user experience and not occupy space page picture can also be appropriate to remove these pictures, just drag rather than resources.

1, mainly from the homepage image to love Shanghai shortly before the public announcement that some illegal pictures may also exist certain risk factors by K, so we are now on the website of the picture is to clean up, you find some similar illegal images on the web, then immediately remove.

is the original and pseudo original collection for collection is one word, one word, is the word in the search engine seems to be a gap between the devil and the angel, indeed a website is the original content of their own, but do not want to love Shanghai uncle, a small station and how much effort to write in the face? With strong sea >


in recent days there are a large number of the site is down right and be K, and the medical websites in this is subject to special care, face a lot of optimization factors under such circumstances can not adapt to the needs of the search engine optimization, many personnel before gradually lose their jobs. For example, the previous post personnel, black hat optimization and so on will be the end of love in the face of Shanghai, on the "degree" pale today, how can we take the negative website optimization into favorablefactors


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