Share a few thoughts about noble baby Adsense

positioning must be clear: grab a point of deep

everyone on the noble baby Adsense is no longer familiar words, many webmaster do stand and make a living. In the A5 forum, there are also countless experiences and share, I also do a noble baby Adsense, so often to think about some problems and adjust to this, and talk about this topic today, is not what technical content is more communication strategies and Thinking on the road, please paizhuan.

is not anxious to start is the first need to think about. To ask yourself what is to stop, because to see some successful webmaster incentive rush began, or you have to think for a long time. Is to exercise their own level, learning based, or have to rely on this technology to earn a living. If you have good technology, so we should think twice, directly on the best technology to make money, or do the sales B2C site, as is the need for two conversions of this advertising alliance itself, that is to your website one hundred, may last one click advertising, so do this very hard. If you did not do well flow means, then suggestions on what you are good at. Other master do good because others have foundation in this regard, step by step, and as you see the surface so easy.


is a very important point, that is the focus that you earn more profit. Many owners did not succeed, and he is not without advanced technology, nor is he did not have the resources, but not enough attention. Not enough attention will let you disperse more energy in other places. These places seem to be very useful, but in fact not. For example, you do a news station to do noble baby Adsense, you may collect or pseudo original many kinds of news, such as entertainment, real estate, sports and even. But in fact, the best way is to do a, because of personal webmaster, energy is very limited. A person seems to be able to do a lot of work to do, if it is not reality. Finally, a lot of work will be.

if you decide to do the GGAD, there is one of the most important must be considered. That is what you are good at website beginning is not profitable, even for a long time will be profitable. During this period, if you do not have a strong will, or you do not very interested in, then it will slowly left out, because it did not bring profit to you. If you choose the good areas, not only can adhere to it, at the same time can be improved, accumulated a lot of traffic, also can in the future site development mature, develop other profit model, GGAD is not the only option. Maybe some people do news station is to make money, maybe some webmaster do picture station is earned, but you do not make money, it details too much, so, find their own good.

don’t worry and start: ask what you want

good choice: pick at the main direction of


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