The tragic history of three years Shanghai site was down the right of love

honestly hung black chain really technical difficulty is not high, according to some online tutorial step by step operation, will be able to black out many websites, especially now that there are various types of vulnerability scanning software. It was found to be linked to the chain, is the first time that the degree of the version is too low, so I only keep the database and some upload files, reinstall the set of procedures, and will upgrade to the latest version of CMS. Finally got rid of these small hackers. Here then episode: that the hacker is arrogant, I see he deleted his black chain in the background, the next day you upload a warning file, in fact I was a rookie level of network security, did not care for him so much, only by upgrading the website to see if we can resolve this matter. How to solve the problem by upgrading, but.

chain, and often say content is king, the chain for the emperor, so I risk the use of the cluster software, I began to feel very cool, every pseudo original some articles on software add more keywords anchor, is also very significant. Because the processing technology of Shanghai love the chain of garbage is still relatively backward, then basically ignored, generally only to duplicate the contents not included, or weaken its role. Even so, but when, do bad things still have to also, that year is very miserable, had not yet prohibited outside the chain tool, can only slowly clean up some rubbish on the forum outside the chain, but it is too much, until now there are still a lot of junk links. For the future laid down the right seeds.


launched this year Scindapsus algorithm, makes me more sites in different degree appear drop right phenomenon, the worst is one of the sites of K station is quite serious, dial the 10 Fen remaining not included. This is a disposable shoe towel enterprise website, from the beginning of the 09 year so far is right down 4 times. One is love a love from Shanghai to punish Shanghai "prison" out of prison, do not know this what happens. Look at my site drop right hard-earned history, have to do if Shanghai dragon friends should as soon as possible to avoid the detours.

third is right down: the site was linked to the black chain.

website after being punished, included zero

We all know the importance of the

remember when I just contact Shanghai dragon, just outside the chain, increase the density of keywords to make a fuss. Then do the optimization is simple only need to stack keywords, do a little bit of the chain will go up. I was home only a FLASH, because only FLASH without text content, and taking into account the use of hidden text to the front page of the site to increase keyword density. After a period of time, love is found in Shanghai, restore the weight I spent 1 months.

first is right down: in 2009 for the first time right down, to hide the document in the form of cheating.

second is right down: probably in 2010 of that year, I use the tools group.

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