The site list page ranking optimization

has talked about the expansion of keywords, such as the category list page here too, such as price, area, type, what should we do? In fact, there is not much problem. A list of pages we don’t do too many categories, at most two categories are relatively good, if the word correlation is not strong, it is certainly difficult to rank. Select a user interest category, optimize, if many words, in a folder, and created a special website > page

has a lot of shoes to ask such a question, why many times made a post, love Shanghai only included this post instead of the whole list page. Obviously, because the number of the key posts are not enough, love Shanghai when calculating your relationship, it will only be included in your this article; it will be included in the list page when the articles you reach a certain number.

from the above problems, we know the difference between homepage and list page optimization. Many people have done a lot in other words depressed a website, there is no home page snapshot, some keywords to do, there will be the home page snapshot. This is a page called the problem, so we in the optimization of time list page, in order to make the list page let love Shanghai included, I want the category list page and home page and other distinguished; so that we can correctly estimate their own optimization can be achieved.

network optimization scheme of web page, the page list is written, but we find a lot of time some sites keywords ranking list page ranking is very good, here I want to say that the website list details optimization page.

site list page is a web page inheritance, keywords web page to the list page is extended for a very simple example, I made a industry station, home of the keywords selected as "ABC", but the list page keywords cannot be "ABC", but to expand this keyword usually, we will in the region of different keyword list page, then we will choose to list page keywords "Hunan ABC", did not see "area + home keywords" this form; I will be divided into many lists, a provincial level is divided into a list. Below I these list page content page is all about this aspect of the provincial information, this correlation is not? Obviously it is a very strong correlation, love Shanghai will give a certain weight.

This paper provides many

then when the list page content too much, will not love Shanghai through this words to your home page to a snapshot? This is entirely possible, why? Because of your list page if the categories are not detailed enough, when you have been updated, the new Shanghai would have been more love. Give you a snapshot of the home page. If the category is very obvious, such as a "a" list of the other is a "B" list, Shanghai will be included in love. If the home page of these categories are called, will form the home page snapshot.

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