To solve the two problems often talk about the webmaster

active site spider to send the chain, the spider crawling again to your pages, you can practice is the URL in the BBS or other places with post replies, can do so easily.

This is Many webmaster in the early

first, update the new article drive the old

In reality,

directory link changes, pages link to change

webmaster website often have a lot of people do not understand the importance of the title, sometimes repeatedly modified, also do not know how this will have consequences today, Zhang Qing to tell you when you change your website title after how to quickly update the page snapshot of their own, to update the new title.

Modify your

title, included page or old title

optimization in violation of the 6 Shanghai dragon unspoken rule which modify your website title, which resulted in the website included the old page behind the display title or old title, following the snapshot update, included the new page is the new title. Let the old included update page title. Several simple methods to introduce.

or more, is the webmaster to modify the directory of letters, and then link the contents of all the corresponding change, encountered such a situation, how to solve the problem, we are very upset, so I also introduced several methods.

first, the news source of the fastest way to chain

optimized content, the truth has been written up, write to write to that something in the back of the day I still want to through some actual operation methods and to share the experience of the optimization, to deal with some problems in reality website will encounter, I think it will give you more big help.

of course I suggest you can contribute the way to update the page title role. You will release the station has been included to other sites, so that not only update your title, you can also increase the weight of the inside pages.

second, the chain, the spider

through the release of soft news in the source directory, an article on the link after the change of the link under. As everyone knows, the news source is the love of spiders in Shanghai’s love, this is the fastest update, the spider will follow the link to your classification over times, as long as your content is not completely reproduced, so few updates will be put out, when >

Shanghai dragon

this is one of the most common methods, when updates in your old articles mentioned in passing, a construction and within the chain, let the spider crawling in your new posts page in the anchor text along the climb to your articles, so that when the next update you the title of the page will be updated to the new title, this is a way from the station to do the most basic.

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