The three tag site how to do this

pay attention to the new website and have certain weights of the old site in the setting of the title of the website is different.


analysis of three labels on the website how to write the standard:

website title tags: Title website keyword tags: Keywords description tags: description

second, brand website:

site description standard in a typical note to you an overview of the theme of the website content, pay attention to control the number of words in less than 120, the description of which can appear 1 to 2 times the target site keywords; is the title keywords, but not too much.

so we can be roughly divided into several situations:

website optimization _ Shanghai dragon _ optimization Shanghai dragon Consultant – Shanghai dragon is the ultimate consultant, three words were used to underline "_" in every line "-" with the name of the web site;


titlke: is usually formed in this way: brand name + advertising language, such as: the ultimate Shanghai dragon Consultant – the enterprise website optimization preferred partner! This will include targeted keywords website, I am here to include: Shanghai dragon consultants and enterprise website optimization Website Optimization and three words;

Such as:

keywords and description do not speak, and so on.

website three Tags:

keywords writing is relatively simple: use the English semiangle, separated, such as: website optimization, EO optimization, Shanghai dragon consultant

What is the three tab ?They were

first: enterprise website:



when the determined target keywords of a website, the three is to write the next label website. Three labels to the web site how to do this? This is the foundation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems, but it is also a crucial link. The three label website to write a good on the whole weight of the website is a very big help! Three label website how to write really conducive to the website optimization, there is no standard what? The answer is yes! Standard written here and we work together to study website three tabs.

it title.

website title set should pay attention to the order of the new website keywords, relatively easy to put in front of the word, then put in the difficult words, put the most difficult words, remember the new website keywords order is: from easy to difficult; the old website weight high website is just the opposite, it is important, especially the new website. These sites are generally many newcomers in the operation, often written in website >

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