Do something to let you fall in love with the love of Shanghai station

, a general practitioner in Shanghai dragon, after 6.28 7.12 three large-scale K station, I think a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is faced with a drastic reduction in income, even the risk of unemployment. Love the Shanghai continuous update and adjust the effect of continuous mass is a lot of people did not think that the cause of the individual adjustment of the owners of direct and indirect effects may also love Shanghai unexpectedly.


, I think, it is love in Shanghai where there is wrong, but we also have some impulse. To love Shanghai promotion and not ranked on our website and included, have any direct or indirect benefits. Do not understand the situation of the company is a hurt, after all these companies are not against us, but they are not directly responsible for the incident. Do not know the love events in Shanghai how many companies will hurt.

from Shanghai dragon’s point of view is to improve the quality of the page, and optimize the structure of the website, improve website access speed, help love Shanghai better crawling and analysis of their own ", show better capture website content to the user. < >

Shanghai K station and we love this, perhaps is not necessarily a bad thing. Although the scale of the station K events, there are many websites are ruthless love Shanghai K away, but we also see those with high-quality content, users love the site, were not affected by K, the site is mostly collection site, pseudo original serious garbage station, some stations.

these days I have been concerned about this matter, since 6.22 there are many owners in the forum and the group asked how to solve the site was K, the chain dropped a large area, not updated snapshot and so on, and with the passage of time, this problem more and more. However, I am in charge of the enterprise site snapshot update in addition to suck, what did not change a lot, so from the beginning I was just a spectator’s view on this matter, the improvement from the mistakes of others careful to maintain their own website.

then there, 7.18 anti love events in Shanghai, the day is almost noon I know this thing, first is probably understand, and colleagues and Shanghai dragon Er discuss this, everyone’s views are not the same.

I am also a grassroots

from Shanghai love their own responsibility, it is the thing to do is: to improve the efficiency and storage efficiency of web spider, enhance the index efficiency and speed, improve the website ranking rules (Page Rank), to improve understanding of the word semantic search algorithm, to enhance the search speed, to provide more accurate information retrieval service for the user.

unfortunately, the 6.28 update, I also hurt. Let me angry, do not make sense this station K. The content of the website is not much, basically is the enterprise information only a few a few pseudo original, the chain distribution is satisfactory, the word competition is not strong, do things are also, not what the illegal practices.

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