For entering the search engine optimization industry some suggestions of the students

as a Chinese, but also as a webmaster, I believe that all the people in the language are hostile to love Shanghai. In fact, I personally think that the love of Shanghai is the best search engine (no one). The reason is very simple, because I love Shanghai more understand Chinese habits, will slowly adapt to people’s habits. Love is to take Shanghai with Google compared to the most common people, in fact, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Encyclopedia of these peripheral products, in a sense can greatly improve the quality of search results, of course, there are some cheat flow. The search results on Google, Google search English also slightly inferior, do good, but do Chinese on search results except for some H The climate does not suit one., the accuracy is not high.

I don’t know, all the masters have pseudo original if God, the younger students, the pseudo original when God gong. I think that practice is the sole criterion for testing theory, many years of experience tells me that is not something original, as can be included. The quality of the search engine or the pursuit of, what is the original? Search engine each had a set of calculation method, the pseudo. Is not the original; the original, not necessarily original, not false, not necessarily not the original.

1. impetuous.

what we do is Shanghai dragon’s purpose? In order to bring traffic to the site or for business or personal benefit? Certainly after the station, anyway, the author is to profit. So I think you Shanghai Longfeng, do not have to follow the tutorial to optimize your site, first consider and take care of, not a search engine, but users.

is the most obvious is the love of Shanghai. As a long-term observation of search engine friends, we all understand that the words in the fall in love with the sea ranking is not absolutely stable, sometimes low, sometimes high, love Shanghai is one family intervention strong search engine company. Of course, I think the ranking interventions of most words, and not through manual intervention, but by some rules of love inside Shanghai to intervene, so that the pages are K days, top off a few days, it is reasonable. On the other hand, if you want your ranking has been stable, the page is never K, then you will fall into impetuous, the reason is very simple, this is the love of Shanghai, continuous improvement.


the following should be done:

2. hostile.

4. pseudo original.

1 server stability.

first, Shanghai dragon’s name is Chinese search engine optimization, so the optimization of Shanghai dragon the word itself is ambiguous. Shanghai dragon as an industry, and gradually accepted by the society, from the big city gradually spread to small city, the search engine itself has recognized this work. But as the number of entry-level Shanghai dragon, often guilty of some of the big ring, dedicated to the students.


3. blind

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