Accordingly 6 errors most likely to fall into the Shanghai Dragon


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng beginners think love Shanghai index is higher the greater the degree of competition, in fact. Love is just one indicator of Shanghai index keywords competition degree index, high degree of competition is not necessarily big. Keywords competition degree of judgment, in addition to love Shanghai index, but also consider the following aspects.


many bosses have such thoughts, think to do up the web site keywords, the company will be able to sell a product or service. Not wrong, but not to. I think to sell products through the website ranking, need to meet the following conditions.

the number of search results. You love Shanghai search keywords, the number of search results can be seen from the return of the degree of competition. The number of search results, the greater the degree of competition.

company of high brand awareness. The website of Shanghai dragon and do well, even if your website is doing bad, the user experience is not good, there will be customers for the brand to pay.

The top-level domain name

points above the first point is the necessary condition, the other three points must satisfy the. Otherwise, even if the website ranking, can bring you the product sales.

lot of Shanghai dragon do not understand or some new newcomers to Shanghai, dragon and Phoenix have some cognitive errors. If not a correct understanding of Shanghai dragon, it is difficult to do in Shanghai Longfeng work, easy to let a person in a confused and helpless state. Today, I summed up the 6 misunderstandings in Shanghai Longfeng most vulnerable to, just some personal understanding in the past work, the correctness of your own judgment, welcome here.

website ranking 1., will be able to sell a product or service

precision and can bring flow. There is no ranking traffic, sales impossible. Many people ask me why my keywords are ranking but no traffic? Because few words you choose not to search or search the person, not the normal flow. There are traffic rankings, but nobody bought products why? Because you choose wrong, your website does not solve the user’s search needs.

The The scarcity of products

website marketing force. If the site as a salesman, sales ability is stronger, more can create a good sales performance for you. On the contrary, not only can not create performance, may also drive away your customers.

. Search > love Shanghai

therefore, when the company has no strong brand awareness, it is necessary to build a strong marketing website, in order to enhance your product sales. Don’t know how to build a marketing site to a friend, can see an article I wrote before: "products do not sell? Because these problems your website".

. As long as there is a strong user demand for the product, even if your site is very bad, very bad experience, users will need to pay, in order to solve their own needs, he can tolerate your bad.


2. index is higher the greater the competition

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