Analysis of website hits of keywords ranking

many people have questioned the click rate on your website ranking effect, impact you? No contact Shanghai dragon people will ask such a question: is it I always click on my website, my ranking is good? And contact even learn Shanghai dragon people will not answer: the. Under normal circumstances, a keyword ranked in the first place, click rate is 3 times second, this is the theoretical basis, we can see the search engine on the first page data analysis related articles. But it is undeniable that the click rate does have auxiliary effect on the website ranking, but extensive click rate is able to enhance the ranking of the most effective way, we must first solve is how to improve the website by clicking on the probability, first, website title to write a very attractive, for example with with the Title of the party or special and all kinds of promotional statements, can not help people to click on the site. Second, people find some friends click, or use the IP agent software can automatically switch on. We have to consider the search engine analysis of search engine to provide such a search platform purpose is to allow users to search, and then through the analysis to give a natural ranking, is of course user needs more, ranking relatively better. While the normal do white hat Shanghai dragon is to improve website weight by optimizing website weight high, ranking nature is good is such a reason. The click rate, indeed in a short time can improve the keywords ranking, but does not guarantee stability. You need to consider is extensive, click our website is IP from different places, rather than in a certain area of IP, which make the search engine that our website is very popular with users, users love the site could not get good rankings, the author’s own website through QQ promotion way, let people in different places to click on the site, such extensive hits can greatly improve the ranking.

keyword ranking

two, the frequency of the click rate of popular keywords website ranking

, a wide click rate has great effect on improving

yesterday, the site keywords ranking has risen, some keywords ranking has arrived Shanghai love home, including some popular keywords. The author in this website is from the optimization experiment, since I was not in accordance with the optimization of normal operation, the purpose is to verify whether the click rate occupy much weight in the keywords ranking, through this experiment, basically able to conclude that the click rate can not be ignored. Now to talk about my own views on this problem, but also hope that we are engaged in the Shanghai dragon industry friends to practice, to see others experience every day than the strong times, the experience of others may not be suitable for us, the optimization technique of each site are different, it is the best to find the most suitable method the.

hits also consider the frequency, can’t say this one hour has 1000 hits, one hour no one.

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