From the website of the competition is the competition to win customers

1, viral marketing method. What about viral marketing? Is the virus to spread information? A joke, in fact, the so-called viral marketing is to let others for your marketing, a way to win customers for you to do propaganda to get traffic. However, how to do publicity for your

webmaster learning experience, learning, art, promote the optimization of Shanghai dragon, for not only will feedback information to the search engine for high flow returns, more important is to enhance the user’s favor and flow. What is on the Internet for? The answer is webmaster flow with the user. The network flow is very big also has a number of owners want to survive is to attract more users, who will win the user who won the flow. In this industry, to prove its value, must take the website traffic to speak. The flow is the site reason to live, a pillar of stationmaster struggle, so leads to a theme: the website competitiveness flow is king, the user is supreme!

2, use the power of the QQ, it is a billion users, ordinary users only when QQ is a kind of communication and entertainment, but we can make it into a marketing tool in the. QQ space, QQ alumni, QQ group forwarded messages. As long as enough attractive things will be reproduced. But do not underestimate its power, their personal experience sharing effect is very good. As long as the propaganda, do care enough, to meet user psychology, then you will succeed.

3, micro-blog forward, believe that many webmaster do not miss this opportunity. Now many people are playing micro-blog celebrity fans tens of thousands of others, can bring their own micro-blog fried hot, you can also. It is also simple, to QQ to post, but if we don’t have enough fans to own a lot of registered Ma3 jia3, reproduced each other. In this way, a large number of the same number reprint content, your micro-blog will soon fire up, with.

on how to improve the traffic will be beyond count this information every day tutorial, but it is not the same, the same say how to do the optimization, how to do the promotion, not to say how to do traffic. We are here today to say is just a kind of thought, a way to win more traffic. First we analyze the flow of how to produce it, mainly for the following two points: first, online traffic. Online traffic refers to the user through the search engine, through the network advertising, software plug-ins, etc. active access site traffic generated by the. Second, the line flow. A simple example, see a piece of useful information in the newspaper in the newspaper readers when reading, readers through the above information reflected on your website, so that for the next line of traffic, can be said to be from the life of the traffic generated by the. Whether the line flow is made for the user group flow mode. So here we just don’t talk about how to optimize the search engine, how to please, we just say how to please the customers.


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