From the perspective of the nternet in Shanghai Dragon

turned a circle found that foreign Internet atmosphere really better than domestic. A5 first, source: Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝copyzj贵族宝贝/ /970.html please indicate the source: a small leather imitation station

if that long-term development on the Internet will be quiet, Ma Yun of the Alibaba to build the credit system can last? Shanghai dragon is a kind of technology, but also some accomplishment, we seem to deviate from the essence, think about the search engine, there is desire, false advertising, false information everywhere. Love is just a search, Shanghai, most of the row in front of the people.. You ask me to answer such a set, the last circle of


Shanghai dragon has for a long time, which has taught himself a company to go to work, to seem to know Shanghai dragon has come to a bottleneck, want to pass before the step, very hard, every time with those novice chat, in their eyes, I seem to know a lot, but only I you know, some things have reached a bottleneck, every time to see some technical articles to improve your level, but found that too many articles thousand arranges all, ISO or Tu altered without any bright value, China piracy very cow B, I always think so, from traditional industries to the IT industry, perhaps the genuine software, not many domestic US, but pirated software in our country is absolutely first, piracy is also need wisdom and technology, is our country is from this The side to reflect our wisdom can not agree?.

government has begun to crackdown on the Internet, people have complained that the webmaster has become more and more difficult, but why not from another angle to think, why should the government do, don’t really do not want to let us development, I think it is impossible to cheat, deceive users, Internet search engine, the white trash everywhere no wonder, the government will liquidation, the distortion in more instead, really can not imagine..


is now the domestic Shanghai dragon industry, plagiarism, no original again a few, just flip technical articles, ambiguously can see some shadow copy, pseudo good became a good soft Wen, and then continue to be copied and soft, the real value of the article how many, look at the so-called Shanghai dragon company, each doing what? Send the chain trash, not outside the chain, but also refers to the nose covered love Shanghai algorithm change again, why? Maybe it is because we are the Shanghai dragon and Phoenix staff there. There are measures under the policy, so what time to race each other, the Internet a quiet.

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