n order to do Shanghai dragon will be successful in sales mentality

today, I want to talk about the mentality of the problem for everyone to do Shanghai dragon. Now the Shanghai dragon competition more and more, more and more pressure, often in the forum to see the webmaster complain, said Shanghai Longfeng more and more bad, love Shanghai convulsions like, have done a lot of years owners have no choice but to give up, because he is not adhere to it, "the survival of the fittest" this rule in our Shanghai dragon circles still meet. In the face of such fierce competition, we must maintain the mentality of how to do Shanghai dragon? I tell you: to do Shanghai Longfeng sales mentality, to win without pride

optimization is a disguised form of sales, our product is our website, our target is love Shanghai and Google these big search engine, our purpose is to let the customer accept our website, so as to give a good chance to show. So, want to let our customer satisfaction, of course, will spend time to make them happy, they love what kind of website, we need to make what kind of website, if they do not give good rankings, should not be discouraged, do not worry, we have to modify the site according to their to taste, let them feel our sincerity, so repeatedly, until our website can fully meet their satisfaction with

in the optimization process, we want to please the search engine, but also as they show the uniqueness of our site, is also the innovative website. Because we’re not the only one website to please them, there are tens of thousands of peers are courting them. To make the "customer" has a special liking for our products, you will have to get some characteristics of things to attract it, the search engine also love taste is not the same thing, as long as our website with their unique taste, at the same time, they will love our website

to allow customers to buy their products, just show your sincerity is not enough, because the same products there are many, many people are selling to customers, therefore, to allow customers to buy their products on thousands of products, the needs of their products are unique, so as to make the customer decides to buy their own products. Optimization is the same reason.

had done sales, so more and more feel Shanghai Longfeng work and sales work is the same, is very challenging, we need to have a good attitude, have a certain capacity and anti strike capability to succeed, if there is what the wind grass is discouraged, then the Shanghai dragon forever will not succeed!

process with salesmen to sell products is the same, to allow customers to buy their products, must bring their products to the customer to do comprehensive display, so that customers can understand their products, if the customer refuses to buy products because of some reasons, the salesman should not be discouraged, to from the perspective of customer to help customers analyze, to show your sincerity, until the customer satisfied.

!In fact, ! !This process is

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