How to deal with the love Shanghai algorithm change

4 do the breadcrumb navigation

algorithm of the love love Shanghai, Shanghai specific content on the site there are more and more high request. The specific web content to a single, can not be mixed. The best example is the 58 city and Ganji, previously acquired from love Shanghai traffic is very high, but now the rankings are on, the reason is that there are a professional website to get better ranking, such as recruitment, rental, move and so on. You can go to search some love Shanghai product to try this, look in front of the row is not a single product of the website is very obvious.

only we know enough, can know the user’s needs and meet them. So how to analyze the industry, analysis of user needs. The simplest, most practical is to love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search analysis to the translation company as an example, we search the word love Shanghai, droplists have translation, quotation, translation company recruitment there is regional vocabulary, such as the Beijing translation company. Through this, we can determine the needs of this part of the user, so our website in the layout must be specific quotations in the home layout. There is a need to highlight our regional.

1, analysis of the industry, understand the needs of users

3, the website must not refuse

enterprise station, many enterprises station every day in order to update and do long tail keywords will add some industry information, technology exchange this module, but the content of our website with the relevance of the product is very low, but this part of the vast majority of users are not buying demand, it will increase the bounce rate of our site. It is that love Shanghai garbage sites.

in order to better meet user experience, call breadcrumb navigation began to search engine results in the phenomenon. So as.

this year can be said to love Shanghai several times K station, K off all the junk content accumulation site. Now the Internet information gradually large, will waste more and more information, love Shanghai in order to cater to the user experience, to take such measures is reasonable. As a webmaster, we should be what the user needs, we provide what. Don’t mix a lot of advertising in the article, a lot of pop hang website.

It is worth saying there is

2, website content is specific to.

With the continuous improvement of the

for the webmaster, 2012 love Shanghai is undoubtedly a headache, this year, love Shanghai algorithm is very big change, the station was K K was not sad, also very confused, can not find the right direction. From the beginning of 2012, "the chain for the emperor, the chain is king of the era of the past, we have ushered in a new era of Shanghai dragon. In the face of the new era, we should do, how to cater to the love of Shanghai, can not stand by K in order to get a good ranking.

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