Mom webmaster want to repeat the stock tricks long memory stand a good teamsh419 screen door inciden

calculate their store has been more than 10 days without an order, I do not know is not caused by the "sh419 shielding door" incident or?…… Your Taobao store? Although opened at the end of August, shortly after the first order, my music can be bad! Then soon there were 2 pen. But since the "sh419 shield" incident, there will be no order. Before it was blocked, there were 30-50 IP from sh419 a day. Also specially optimized for a number of keywords, and now back to liberation overnight.

2009, "Taobao"

2008, economic crisis, sh419 hot attack

the economic crisis, the Ali Mama advertising volume decreased rapidly, and the advertising market sh419 and shlf1314 compared, there is no advantage, and mom is undoubtedly sh419 to carve up the cake, although the bosses on the surface of fair competition, but is secretly doing compared to what we all know, you should know this. sh419 began to reduce the release of advertisement of the mom website included and lower ranking, powerful directly by sh419 K station, and small and medium-sized site traffic most still rely on sh419, many owners in the face of this dilemma chose to leave her mother’s arms, because they have sinned against sh419 more difficult, after the road is still long.


I was the first one with mom have a short-term cooperation personal webmaster, also has been concerned about the development of the Internet enthusiasts, here on the Ali Mama two harm to personal webmaster to two years to publish my personal view, no doubt that Ali’s mother is a no credibility alliance, hope to do mom friends carefully understand, Ali mother ugly face.

The "mother" , Ali mother raging like a storm

mom is in 2007 after a masterpiece of Mr. Ma "let the world is not difficult to do business": "let the world is not difficult to sell advertising". Founded by virtue of its unique mode of operation have small website Pro gaze, but also get a boost to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises welcome, but also because Mr. Ma’s legendary entrepreneurial experience deeply to countless young blood station and numerous Internet practitioners worship, have their own website to join Ali mother embrace the solid foundation for the development of the mom, mom on the upgrade, a time size website hanging around the Ali Mama advertising.

struggling to sell money

2007, the small owners to boost

used to think it was easy to make money on the Internet, and how hard it was to do it, especially if we didn’t have much money to support it, how hard it would be to do it!


in front of the computer every day, promotion ah, publicity ah…… Old did not see any effect, but fortunately, my uncle just helped me pull an order, but this can not count on the network of transactions, my uncle’s friend came to Zhangjiajie tourism, my uncle introduced here to buy.

advertising for small and medium-sized enterprises less willing to put the mom of the site are also gradually become less, many owners from mom here is not to earn money, and there are a lot of companies advertising their input consumer response than the sh419 black, sh419 spent most money poor can listen to a sound, and Ali mother is thrown out of the water to return, Ali mother again reduced credibility. Those executives would know to continue the situation, so they do hurt millions of webmaster heart later behavior: Frozen accounts, nor with the owners complaints that you cheated, seal your account did not discuss. Some of this is really is cheating, but some are honest money webmaster, but no matter what the situation is, "Mom" to the interests of a handful of high output remained, the rest of the most low output is the "mother" to freeze the account, mercilessly abandoned. The things you don’t know what

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