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2 in the whole process of financing, you need to find a person familiar with the whole process of doing Mentor, and no matter good news and change messages should be shared with the team.


Internet industry are talking about "second half" this keyword. For the mobile Internet, the second half means that the flow bonus gradually decline, competition even more brutal. But for short video, "second half" may mean more opportunities.

, we’re looking at 2013, the day when the red hand begins to rise. At that time, memories of special small vest, herd boy Liu Quanyou, my friend is a B for a large number of net red satin hand was born quietly, especially small vest off with a special memory of emotional diary entry, then gradually become the pet record of life, many people’s eyes the first red micro-blog network.

2 often determine what the whole organization looks like.

1 the expansion of the company’s scale needs to wait until the product and the market have enough room to coincide, focus on 3 types of growth, pay growth, viral growth, sticky growth.

these three points are not empty, because from the perspective of the development of the industry, this is the inevitable result. The report also sees where Papi sauce and short video businesses will develop in 2017.

3 seed wheel to promote the consumer market, consider how to spend time and energy on the blade, not waste. In the A round, it is more like facing the enterprise market, and the consideration is to establish a relationship with the investors.

introduction: female entrepreneurs are becoming an important player on the road to the Internet to transform the world. They look at the Internet in another way, a field that is full of male hormones.

Abstract: in 2016, super net red, veteran video content producer and head vertical column were using their own advantages to transform MCN from single content producer.

reported in 2017 that the short video industry may change in three points:

Papi sauce, where is the future road? You can refer to micro-blog red scripts hand,

in many Internet products around women at the same time, women entrepreneurs are becoming an important player in the Internet to transform the world. They look at the Internet in a different way, a field full of male hormones before, and they also have unique insights and insights about entrepreneurship.

3, business model will have a clear outlook,


female founder accounted for 1/4 of the Y Combinator Female Conference Founders held annually, the purpose is to encourage their voice. This year, or Paul Graham wife Jessica Livingston presided over, a number of YC female entrepreneurs share their views on entrepreneurship, dry chicken soup both.

The characteristics of the founder of

YC co-founder Jessica Livingston

!How to change the

3 finally, don’t let the company be driven by money too soon.

1 financing, in fact, is a game about the proportion of 100 letters sent to investors, may receive 75 replies, to confirm the 40 meeting, and finally get a small amount of investment intentions.

1, short video barbaric growth continued, head company gradually formed

Papi sauce have? A short video industry in the future will be how to walk? Short video will show how the ecological change? To answer these questions, in fact, can refer to micro-blog and micro-blog red satin hand content of ecological development in recent years route.

helps investors find the data analysis platform for reliable start-up company Mattermark founder Danielle Morrill

first batch of scripts hand barbaric growth, mostly a person alone. For example, the memory of a small vest dedicated to the beginning of the background without any background, just a common net red, and even its popularity, there are also a lot of accidental factors. A large number of small red net with the first wave of dividends rapidly accumulated millions of fans, even gradually and marketing, advertising companies, the monthly income of tens of thousands of advertising model.

Homejoy founder Adora Cheung

1 a good company derives from a good corporate culture, but corporate culture is more than just a slogan.


but later on, the business of "red shirts" became more organized and disciplined. Many heads, nets, red scripts, the three classics behind your hands

2 and short video will move from Pan entertainment to vertical

at the turn of the year, the second shot short video content in 2016 launched the "white paper" hereinafter referred to as the "ecological report, the report shows: as of now, the second shot with the company’s products and small coffee show broadcast peak value has exceeded 2 billion 500 million times, the average daily upload exceeded 1 million 500 thousand seconds into in more than 3000 stars, more than 10000, red net media, vertical V day, covering more than 70 million users.

4 but be sure to trust what you do before you finance.

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