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from the above aspects, UC has long been a life and death pass. But from 2004 Guangzhou started, now 12 years of business history, has experienced the same change, find people, looking for direction, and the process of competition in the talent shows itself more.

UC is one of the earliest mobile Internet Co established in China, especially in Guangzhou in 2004. It’s almost a new thing to start a business with mobile phones.

in Shanghai city is "Shanghai you Information Service Co. Ltd.", in January 4th by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau approved the establishment of Huangpu Industrial and Commercial Bureau. The registered capital of the company is one person, the minimum registered capital of 100 thousand yuan, the company registered person is Zhou Xinjie, mainly engaged in IT industry

The first

Compared with

however, unexpected hot let this start-up company embarrassing a sudden increase in traffic is a great challenge to the new server, increase staff also to the company’s finances, founder He Xiaopeng was in Guangzhou to the NetEase founder Ding Lei.

actually, UC12 years of business history, still looking for people in the money, looking for direction and keep entrepreneurship through a pit.

someone to review the perspective of UC entrepreneurial history, that it is full of luck, just standing on the mobile Internet traffic outbreak trend, and so far is only "natural" results.

, but they don’t quite agree with it. Although trends and luck are indispensable, UC can be lost at every choice if there is no such thing as contingency. At least, Guangzhou Internet business models, Ali mobile pioneer, Ali al entertainment core flagship, is out of the question.

There are many differences in the success of the


2004, it is Ding Lei when the scenery is infinite, this Internet upstart, another new identity is China’s richest man. Ding Lei helped He Xiaopeng in two ways: first, he provided 800 thousand of the loan, and two lent the NetEase server.

2004, engineer He Xiaopeng and technical men Liang Jie Guangzhou Office of CICA decided to leave the venture, entrepreneurial direction first is to build a mobile phone on the mailbox, but the gander, ancillary products, mobile browser fire accident. So the company, known as UC, began targeting its mobile browser.

800 thousand >

company, but the reasons for the failure of the project are about the same.

A part of the

money: borrow money from Ding Lei, pay

UC gene from the CICA, which is one of the earliest Chinese Internet Co, but UC’s creative staff, is the Internet gene in AsiaInfo a somewhat more "big family" type of intimacy, because in the headquarters and thousands of miles apart "AsiaInfo Guangzhou office", the staff in the family way get along with.

UC, was photographed in 2004 at

brand promotion with the old one, the first company in July minus 500-1000 yuan

He Xiaopeng, founder of

in business, no money, no people, the wrong direction, the competition defeat, lose the entrepreneurial spirit, each will make the company at risk.

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