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has been very influential veteran Internet Co collective choice of the new board, the new board and but failed to give their future an awesome answer. Instead, these companies after listing more like eating sleeping pills, sleepy, the new three board is likely to become their last stop.

the way I recommend it is that you sit down and take notes of what you think of the ideal customer. Where do they live? What kind of occupation? Often go shopping? Mind to have your ideal outline for specific user groups, which will help you improve your service, do it pains.

and may die in the new three veteran Internet company, excellent Internet Co are not satisfied with the new third board market, Jingyu culture is one of them. January 3rd, the donkey mother travel company parent company King domain culture announced that it intends to apply for the listing of shares of the National SME transfer system termination. For the reasons for the active termination of the listing, the king said that the domain culture is for the company’s strategic development needs and the next step bigger and farther capital operation services.

understand the implications of this "simplification"? I suggest you ask yourself the following questions to see if you’re making things too complicated:

lead: as the founder of fifteen media, I think the key to running an enterprise is to simplify, simplify and simplify things. How do you understand the implications of this "simplification"? You can ask yourself these questions.

How does ?

remember the "happy farm" that was introduced in 2009,

landscape culture in December 22, 2015 in the new three board listing, the main business includes two major online and offline sectors, including online business >


for the search network, listed on the new board or a watershed. Before listing, the search network does not exist the phenomenon of loss. Easternmoney choice display, 2011, 2012 recorded a net profit of 60 million 150 thousand yuan, 41 million 210 thousand yuan.

I can answer within 15-30 seconds of what the company does. As a startup operator, you should have the ability to reach potential customers in a very short period of time. So, in order to do this, you have to understand what powerful weapons you can bring to the negotiating table and show to your customers. You get more complicated; people are more likely to take your words as you will accomplish nothing like water off a duck’s back to.


companies that always try to do a lot of things at the same time don’t usually succeed because they often distract themselves so that they lose focus or ignore the target audience.

I may never reach such a great height, such as the creation of a disruptive technology, or on the Forbes global billionaires list, but I can do what I can as a decent entrepreneur, had a decent entrepreneurial life. As the founder of fifteen media, a company dealing with public relations firms, I think the key to running a business is to simplify, simplify, and simplify things. For yourself and your clients, you need to make everything simple.

game everyone listed on the new board is actually a microcosm of the past two or three years many Internet Co to enter the new board, belong to the same veteran Internet companies as well as the search network, ST horizon, rising information and culture and entertainment complex for all games, while the four companies are currently caught in the quagmire of loss in the search network since 2013 the listing has recorded a total loss of up to 493 million yuan.

who is my ideal customer? I learned a long time ago from a business course called "you can’t be everybody.". For me, my ideal client is a boutique PR company with fewer than 10 employees. Since I’ve identified my ideal client, I’ve worked hard to adjust all the services to meet the needs of the group.

when I just started the PR industry, when people ask me about my occupation, I always talk about. Later, I realized that in most cases, my conversation subjects lost interest in 15 seconds. So now, when someone asks me the same question, I simply answer, "I work for a public relations firm, mainly to help customers get more media delivery."." Look, how simple it is!


in addition to dismal performance, the trouble is also constantly. In June 2016, the search network customer complaints due to internal problems, is out of stock transfer innovation. In February 6, 2017, due to a labor dispute, the search network is included in the list of dishonest people and the Wuhan branch included in the list of operating anomalies.

game everyone listed on the new board seems to give you a chance to nostalgia, hunting cloud network WeChat: ilieyun to the three new board listed Internet companies make an inventory, look at these companies in the listing after the performance.

on the new board on the sleepy old Internet Co

two times an increase of 1 billion 180 million yuan, King domain culture has become one of the three new board’s most promising Internet companies

recently, the developers of the happy farm everyone game announced that, since February 15th, the company shares officially listed in the national stock transfer system, public transfer, the transfer of the agreement for the transfer. Accordingly, the release of the "public transfer book" shows that in 2016 1~4 months, everyone games revenue 24 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit of 6 million 437 thousand yuan, listed new three board valued at 348 million yuan.


is there anything I’m good at?

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