Women for breast pain before menstruation how to handle health network


period is the future, the first breast pain. Look at the pain pain in the chest, many women do not know what to do, want to go to see a doctor, but it is difficult to say, but don’t let it go up pain down, then self treatment about it.

hot and cold compress to relieve


breast pain badly, you can turn to ease through the cold and hot compress breast pain, specific practices are as follows: in the shower, the first water is sprayed onto the chest, when a certain limit, the conversion to the chest shower, spray some water. It can effectively reduce the feeling of pain.

touch massage, accelerate blood circulation

Touch the chest

water gently, and massage the painful place, it can accelerate the blood circulation of the chest is very good, but it should be noted that can not be too strong, so as not to cause more severe chest pain. At the same time should be placed in the body, try not to let the body move too much.

Choose the right bra

the right bra is actually a lot of reducing effect on breast pain. Especially in the period before to do some exercise, if not wearing a bra or corset itself is not very fit, then the chest will hurt a lot, but also lead to breast ptosis.

pre menstrual breast pain is a very common phenomenon, if the problem is not very serious, can not very concerned, but if the pain is very bad, but also lead to some other issues, such as nipple swelling, so it can be a positive treatment, according to the above tips from the way I treated a also need to look at the specific what was the problem in hospital.

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