AFC reiterates support for direct cash transfers to citizens

first_imgThe Alliance for Change (AFC), one of the parties that presently make up the illegal coalition Government, has once again restated its support towards a proposal made by economist, Dr Clive Thomas back in 2018 which recommended that Government spend a percentage of the oil revenue on direct cash transfers to the people, whether conditional or not. The party in a recent press release to the media restated that it strongly supports the conditional cash transfers since it is the means of ensuring that traditionally neglected segments of the country’s population are able to benefit meaningfully from the natural wealth of the country, which is oil revenues.The AFC further added that it is currently in the process of preparing a more comprehensive policy which will consider numerous actions to benefit the Guyanese population.“While the AFC is in the process of formulating a more comprehensive policy position to advance to the Guyanese people, we believe strongly that the concept has merit and should not be dismissed without the benefit of further examination….the policy will explore several indirect initiatives which can benefit Guyanese, including: low interest loans, improved healthcare, free education, enhanced pensions and NIS benefits, greater access to affordable housing, as well as conditional cash transfers”, the AFC noted in a statement.The party pointed out that countries worldwide have managed to successfully pull off the idea of cash transfers, as Brazil’s “Bolsa Familia” programme was identified as a suitable model. It, therefore, believes that there is a scope for similar initiatives in Guyana.“The AFC believes that cash transfers tied to social programmes and responsible civic behaviour have been proven to work in other countries. There are numerous successful models worldwide which have brought significant social adjustments to marginalised people and catalysed further socioeconomic progress, therefore, one such programme close to home is Brazil’s “Bolsa Familia”, under which poor families with children, must ensure their children attend school and are vaccinated in order to qualify for and remain on the programme.” The statement read.But while other parties are backing the idea including the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), President David Granger, when asked about this proposal last year, had said there was “no evidential basis” for cash payouts.last_img

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