first_imgKEVIN HAGUE – Green Party MPGood morning, Paul.PAUL What is wrong with adoption at the moment? What needs fixing, given that the Adoption Act hasn’t really changed since ’55?KEVIN Well, I think that’s the first thing that needs fixing.PAUL Because the world has changed?KEVIN Yeah, the world has changed, and that act fossilises some attitudes and values that were, I guess, common in 1955 but are no longer fit for modern New Zealand.PAUL Yes, that’s right, so we have a different attitude to couples living de facto, gay couples living together and so forth. Can I just ask you about the politics? God, the old adoption area is getting a bit crowded at the moment. Why come up with another bill, because you haven’t even submitted yours yet. You’ve got Louisa Wall’s Gay Marriage Bill, Jacinda over there has got a bill – an adoption bill. The waters are getting very muddied.KEVIN Yeah, there have been a number of attempts to overhaul adoption law over the years. In the last Parliament, in 2009, I had a bill that was specifically looking at de facto couples—PAUL Don’t worry about all that. I’m asking why you’re muddying the waters now.KEVIN Well, this is the result of work that’s been going on, in fact, for three or four years. You know, there was a cross-party vote in the last Parliament. Now I’ve continued that work with Nikki Kaye.PAUL One thing Jacinda said before on the panel was she hoped that adoption will be more about the child than about the grown-ups, presumably, the grown-ups putting the child out for adoption and the grown-ups adopting. This is one of the keys to your bill. Explain that.KEVIN Absolutely. One of the things about this bill, and indeed about the Care of Children Act, is that it makes the best interests of the child paramount in all decisions made about the child. That’s not what—PAUL In all decisions at the time of the adoption?KEVIN Exactly.PAUL Right-oh.KEVIN That’s exactly right, so that the law becomes about what is the best thing to do for this particular child?PAUL Well, you’ve also got a scheme, I think. You’ve got an idea where the parents – the proposed parents, the adoptive parents – would propose a parenting plan.KEVIN Yeah, that’s a—PAUL How do you do that? How do you do that?KEVIN Well, that’s right. One of the problems with the existing law is that what it allows for is closed adoption, where the relationship between the child and a child’s biological family is severed. Now, that’s, we have discovered, not in the best interest of the child. So what we want to try and do is ensure that there is an agreement between the biological family and the adoptive family about the parenting of that child.PAUL To be fair, while the ’55 law does favour closed adoption, most adoptions are open now, aren’t they?KEVIN Yeah, they are, but—PAUL So you’d like to formalise that, would you?KEVIN Yeah, exactly. Those open adoptions that occur now are happening outside of the framework of the law, and that’s causing a real problem. It’s one of the reasons that reform of this act is urgent, in fact.PAUL Yeah, right-oh. So it’s got to be about the child, so you’d have a parenting plan and so forth. Would you send—? Another thing you were talking about to us is you’d send— would you send—? I’m not clear on this. Would you send all adoption applications to the Family Court?KEVIN Oh, yes. You know, the court needs to make an adoption order.PAUL And how’s the court going to do all that work?KEVIN Well—PAUL God knows they’re closing the courts down and mothers can’t get across town to even do their real business with the Family Court.KEVIN Yeah, well, the court is involved now, of course, so there are adoption orders made now. But under our plan, in fact, it’s likely that the court may need to be involved less in trying to sort out really messy disputes that have arisen because of the inadequacy of the law. So I think in many ways this is streamlining and regulating the process to achieve good outcomes for children.PAUL Right-oh. One thing you’re hoping for, I think, is if you back over the last 20, 30 years, there has been a massive reduction in the number of children adopted, the number of people trying to adopt and putting their children up for adoption and so forth. Abortion has been the favourite way out, I suppose. You would be hoping, I suppose, that this leads to fewer abortions?KEVIN Look, it might well. We don’t actually know what the consequence will be in terms of the number of adoptions. So, for example, it’s at least conceivable that one of the consequences of a law that’s completely unfit for purpose is that people who might otherwise make use of adoption, in fact, use other alternatives.PAUL Now, before I get on to the big bugbear – not bugbear, but the big buggy – of gay adoption, you talk about making sure adoption protects the child, would you also allow for continued really closed adoption if that child was being born into a family where there’s no way they should have a child?KEVIN Yes.PAUL Yeah?KEVIN What the bill provides for is that open adoption becomes the norm,…PAUL Yes.KEVIN …except where there are various extenuating circumstances. The adoption may be a closed one if the Family Court believes that will be in the best interest of the child.PAUL Right. Now, gay adoption – Louisa’s Gay Marriage Bill – will that allow married gays to adopt?KEVIN Yeah, I think that the substantive issue of whether or not gay couples ought to be able to do adopt, if that’s the best option for a child, will be addressed by Louisa’s bill.PAUL You think so?KEVIN I think so.PAUL Have you asked her?KEVIN Well, it certainly will be—PAUL Presumably, if you can get married and you’re gay, you can adopt a baby. You can have all the rights of marriage.KEVIN That’s exactly right, so that issue that has dogged adoption reform, and I’m certain has been one of the reasons why some governments have not moved to overhaul the law, will be dealt with by that bill passing.PAUL May I give you a really reactionary idea and suggest to you, well, the Adoption Law of 1955 assumes a male father and a female mother – a mother and father, a man and a woman. That’s kind of how a lot of people think, isn’t it?KEVIN Well, and indeed it may well be that for most of the children who are being adopted that that remains the best option available for that child. But for some children, the best option will be something different.PAUL Well, how do you know at 3 weeks old or whatever it is, 4 months old, whether a baby’s more suitable for gay parents or for heterosexual parents?KEVIN Well, of course, one doesn’t necessarily know at 28 days old, but adoption actually applies right up until the age of 17. So the people being adopted are not all tiny babies.PAUL But, you know, in the end— in the end, Kevin, you know, don’t kids need a mother and a father?KEVIN Well, the evidence suggests not. In fact, the evidence suggests that the critical things are having parents who love and care for a child. And, actually, opinion polls suggest that most New Zealanders also believe that.PAUL So would your bill—? If, you know, you had worked your bill in to law, would you allow gay people to adopt? Gay couples? Single gays?KEVIN Well, of course, single gay and lesbian people can already adopt under the law.PAUL Got you, yes.KEVIN But I believe that the couples issue will be dealt with by Louisa’s bill. For argument’s sake, if Louisa’s bill did not pass, then certainly my bill provides for any individual or couple to be able to make an application.PAUL I have got to leave you. There is a huge wind-up coming from the control room. I thank you and wish you all the very best for the overdue bill.KEVIN Thank you very much, Paul.PAUL Thank you, Kevin. Scoop 14 October 2012Green MP to place adoption reform bill in ballot tomorrow, seeking to alter 57-year-old Adoption Act.That act “fossilises values and attitudes” from the 1950s that “are no longer fit for modern New Zealand”.Opens door to gay adoption, as evidence suggests “love and care” is more important than a mother and a father.For most children, having an adoptive mother and a father “may remain the best option… but for some children the best option will be something different”.New bill will make “the best interests of the child paramount” and allow open adoptions that are now occurring “outside the framework of the law”. Closed adoptions still possible if the child is at risk.MP says it could turn around our falling adoption figures and even lower abortion rates.Q + APaul Holmes Interviews Kevin HaguePAUL National’s Nikki Kaye and the Greens’ Kevin Hague have been working together on a bill that will reform adoption law, the Adoption Act of 1955, that hasn’t actually been changed for 57 years. 1955, that act. Is it time for a clean-up? Good morning to the Green MP Kevin Hague.last_img read more

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first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Comments Dino Babers talks about Syracuse football’s win against Western Michigan, Antwan Cordy’s injury, and his hopes for the future of the season during a weekly press conference.center_img Published on September 23, 2019 at 9:52 pmlast_img

first_imgLOS ANGELES >> Back-to-back Dodgers victories in Games 2 and 3 awakened the ghosts — or goats — of a 108-year championship drought. Something else awakened in Game 4.The Chicago Cubs’ offense came back to life after, chasing Dodgers starter Julio Urias with a four-run fourth inning and going on to a 10-2 mugging Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium that evened the National League Championship Series at two games apiece.Game 5 is Thursday in Los Angeles. But the Cubs’ win guarantees the series will be decided at Wrigley Field where Game 6 (and 7, if necessary) will be played Saturday (and Sunday) — and where Clayton Kershaw will pitch next.Dodgers manager Dave Roberts swatted away any thought that a 2-2 tie called for Kershaw to ride to the rescue on short rest and pitch Game 5. “No, no — it’s going to be Kenta (Maeda),” Roberts said. “Tomorrow isn’t a deciding game. It’s not an elimination game. And I think the accumulation of his (Kershaw’s) usage over the last 10 days plays a factor in our decision.”Shut out in back-to-back games by the Dodgers, some of the hot air blowing through Southern California Wednesday afternoon was generated by the Santa Ana winds — but some by those raising the specter of a curse-extending collapse in this NLCS.But if anyone felt unseen forces were working against them Wednesday, it was the Dodgers.While Urias was holding the Cubs hitless through three innings, the Dodgers seemed about to tighten the pressure on the Cubs in the second thanks to some sleight of hand by Adrian Gonzalez.With two outs, Andrew Toles singled to right field. Third base coach Chris Woodward sent Gonzalez from second, challenging right fielder Jason Heyward. Heyward’s throw beat Gonzalez to the plate by a wide margin. But it was up the first-base line and catcher Willson Contreras had to dive back to tag Gonzalez. Home plate umpire Angel Hernandez called him out but replays seemed to show the diving Gonzalez’s left hand brushing home plate before Contreras’ lunging tag was applied.“I know I was safe. I was safe. We have plenty of still frames that show I was safe,” Gonzalez said. “Unfortunately, it turned into a trial and there was not enough evidence.”Hernandez’s call stood when replay officials couldn’t determine when Gonzalez’s hand had actually made contact with home plate.“One hundred percent,” Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson said when asked if that call affected the outcome of the game. “Any time you can get a lead in a playoff game, it changes everything. You pitch differently. Different guys come in out of the ’pen.”Gonzalez called it a “big, big, big” pivot point in the game.“It changes everything,” he said. “We all know how the game works. One little thing can change so much.”One little thing changed a lot for the Cubs’ offense.Ben Zobrist led off the fourth inning with a bunt single, ending a string of 21 scoreless innings during which the Cubs had just six hits.“Yes. The truth is — yes,” Urias said through an interpreter of being surprised by Zobrist’s bunt.A soft single by Javier Baez put two runners on. Contreras followed with another single to left, where Toles came up firing wildly toward home plate. The errant throw was the second of the four errors in the game by the Dodgers and it allowed the runners to move up to second and third.That made the next batter’s ground ball an RBI groundout instead of a possible double play. Two more runs scored when Russell broke out of his 1-for-25 postseason slump (4 for 56 stretching back into the regular season) with a home run.“That’s our team. You saw our team out there today,” a relieved Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. “How about the bunt gets the whole thing rolling by our No. 4 hitter? How unlikely is that? We do that, Baez works a great at-bat, Contreras works a great at-bat. Heyward does what he need to do, grounder to second. And then Addison got back to normal there.“It’s contagious. Just like the lack of it is contagious. … I liked the team on the field. That’s the team that got all those wins this year.”Maddon had reason to feel the fever. Rizzo broke out of his postseason funk (2 for 28) with a home run in the fifth inning (and added singles in each of his next two at-bats). More sloppy defense by the Dodgers helped fatten up the Cubs’ lead with a five-run sixth inning.The four errors by the Dodgers were one short of their record for a postseason game (set during Game 3 of the 1974 NLCS against the Pittsburgh Pirates).More dangerously, they played slump-busters for Rizzo and Russell, who combined for six hits and five RBIs — after combining for a total of three hits in the Cubs’ first seven postseason games.The Dodgers got seemingly their only break of the night in the fifth when Cubs reliever Mike Montgomery deflected a bases-loaded ground ball back up the middle. The redirection turned Justin Turner’s likely double play ball into a two-run single.The Dodgers’ offense took the rest of the night off. They didn’t have another hit until Yasiel Puig’s bad-hop single in the ninth.“I’m a big believer in momentum,” Roberts said. “You look back tonight and some plays shifted the momentum. To get a lead would have been big for us and I thought we put ourselves in position to get to Lackey. But he escaped.”center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more